It’s time to connect like-minded new moms in Calgary!

“Too many new moms feel isolated and inadequate. I’ve decided to do something about it.” says Alison Adam, who has owned Once Upon A Child on Macleod Trail for 17 years. During that time, she raised three children and got to know hundreds of Calgary mothers in her store. Over and over, mothers of little ones said to her, "I want to meet more REAL new moms!" Alison heard countless stories of new moms groups held in perfectly tidy homes with perfectly decorated cookies and how these experiences felt anything but real, and actually make new moms feel worse about themselves. Alison has been there, too. She suffered from postpartum depression after moving from Toronto to Calgary when her son was a newborn.

Alison has been dreaming up The *REAL* New Moms YYC Community for a while, but it wasn't until she met Lyndsie Barrie that she put a plan in place to build it.

Lyndsie Barrie is a mother, author and money coach. Lyndsie's clients are female business owners who want to take control of their money and learn how to effectively market their businesses to the right people, skills she learned through building her career in finance beginning when her son was four years old. Lyndsie has struggled with being a mom and a business owner and being a good steward of her money. She loves sharing the solutions and strategies she has discovered with others. Her passion to share her money and marketing knowledge led her to starting the YYC Fempreneur Community, which is how she met Alison.

Soon after Alison and Lyndsie began working at better serving Alison’s Once Upon A Child community, Alison described her vision for The *REAL* New Moms YYC Community. Lyndsie quickly jumped on board.

Since their first event on April 4th, the community and the list of local experts wanting to empower and pamper new moms has grown. Alison and Lyndsie stand firm on the foundational values they started off with: to educate, pamper and connect new moms in a relaxed, kid-free atmosphere. As more and more local business owners continue to request access to the community, Alison and Lyndsie select only those who agree to uphold the community’s foundational values, never including any sort of a sales pitch in their presentation.

***If you are interested in contributing your knowledge at an event, click here.

Motherhood can be tough, but when you have a team of moms behind you, the journey is much smoother!
— Alison Adam